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About Us

We are Hoehne School District, nestled at the base of the foothills on the southern border of Colorado. Our K-12 public school has the advantage of small class sizes, a supportive educational team and the tools to advance and prepare our students for success. We pride ourselves as being "The Center of Educational Excellence."

What’s Up?

Need to know about school closures and early dismissals? Hoehne School utilizes a message phone service. In addition to information being available on our school website, parents will receive a phone call from the school to inform you of any delays or cancellations. Please keep a current phone number on file with the office. To update your information, please go to your parent portal or call Abby Yates at (719) 846-4457.


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C. Clear Communication, Collaboration and Curriculum
A. All community members, parents, and students are encouraged to be involved in the school.
R. Respectful and Productive Students, Teachers, and Staff
E. Expectations are high but differentiated for student readiness and interests
S. Safe, Secure, and Supportive Environment